Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Good Start to a New Year

I certainly hope you all had a more exciting New Year's celebration that we did. We just aren't really into the whole 'Happy New Year' thing. We snuggled up with each other and a glass of wine to watch a movie or two and then headed off to bed around 10.30pm. That suited us both just fine. And what is even better, is to find out we weren't alone! I have had a few clients admitting to similar NYE's.

So what is happening on the SOS front?? I have a bookload of orders to begin and quite a few orders that were postponed in 2008 for various reasons. So after having a good amount of time to chill and relax, I am back into it all officially tonight. I started cleaning off my work table so that I can see just a teeny bit of wood (lol) and made a list of orders that need working on first.

I still need to do a stocktake of my men's posing trunks and to make sure I have a good starting quantity of swarovski crystals as well as finish going through all my fabrics (and trust me -there is heaps and heaps of it) to decide what I want to keep and what I would like to sell off on ebay.

Yes, I have had an ebay store for years now - but as SOS got bigger the time I had to stock my ebay store diminished. There are still a few things on there - mainly dance and lace trims - but I have sold posing shoes and posing trunks on there in the past. With the increase in Ebay's charges and rules & regulations it is very nearly time to opt out and when that happens I will be announcing my newest online store..........
Oh, I am not going to tell you about it yet. There are one or two people out in Blogland that know already but for now I will keep it a secret. Just keep an eye on my blogs and facebook groups and you will find out oh so soon enough.
So, enough procrastinating for tonight. I have a bikini to finish and a few others I would like to commence. I feel the creative juices starting to bubble again and I cannot wait to start producing some beautiful suits for you all to wear!