Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a weekend!

Phew, I didn't think it would ever end!

After over 15 hours of one on one work with clients my weekend is officially over - well, except for the costumes and music that have to be worked on tonight. I am seriously looking forward to my next day off (which will be, at this rate, some time in mid november - lol).

It has been awesome to catch up with some old clients this weekend as well as to meet a few newbies to the SOS (Style on Stage) team. I am sure they are a little overwhelmed when I initially begin posing sessions, but as a lot of you know, it does get easier.

SOS has truely become much more than I ever dreamed (well, I may have dreamed it but never admitted it - lol). This week alone I have had clients travel from Sydney, Townsville and Central Queensland to work with me and I am off to Melbourne and Gladstone over the next few weeks. But with only 12-15 weeks to most shows looming I wont be travelling too much more, my free time will be limited to hours not days - and you know what - I love it!

So before I go any further I just want to thank all my awesome clients and friends that have helped me and Style on Stage become what it is today.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Little Piece of Heaven

There aren't too many pink mailboxes with swarovski encrusted numbers in our street so there is now no excuse for my clients to not find the studio!! Allison sprayed painted it the other day and I glued the crystals on - it's the perfect opportunity to find out if the adhesive I use on the bikinis is everything it claims to be!! Evidently Dreamworld on the Gold Coast use it to glue the rubber on the bottom of some of their water rides.... so, in saying all that, it holds crystals pretty well!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Style on Stage in "Blog World"

Welcome to the very first post on my brand new Style on Stage blog.

I cannnot guarantee just how often or how regularly I will be here but I will do my very best to keep you all up to date with news and happenings around Australia in regards to competitions, seminars, personal appearances and new products that Style on Stage will be offering.

Life on the farm has been anything but peaceful since we moved in early January. Style on Stage work took over as soon as we unpacked with seminars, fittings, posing sessions and bikini orders all seeming to take place at once. On top of that we had to deal with the builders renovating the purpose built studio that will become Style on Stage headquarters very soon. We hope it will be well worth the wait (and money) with a stage, shop, waiting room, change room and storage room. Eventually it will have a projector screen TV and stage lights - but we will have to be happy with the basics to get us started!

I have just returned from a successful trip to Canberra, staying with my very wonderful friend Nancy Waites and husband Rob. Nancy is our first sponsored Athlete and Style on Stage Canberra/NSW rep, and has been a wonderful host to me during the 3 visits I have had in Canberra over the past 10 months!

We worked with 9 lovely ladies on posing and routines and did costume fittings during our break. It was great to catch up with the girls that had already been to one of my Get Ready 2008 seminars but also to meet up with those that hadn't.

My next interstate venture is in 2 weeks time to Melbourne for the INBA All Female Classic. I will be arriving on Thursday 10th July and will be available for one on one sessions for posing and routine work as well as for bikini fittings right up until the morning of the show (Saturday 12th) and will then be spending the Sunday and Monday in Anglesea for more one on one work with girls and guys that are located a little further south. If anyone is interested please dont hesitate to contact me on for more details or to book a time.

Girls and guys, if you are after a bikini or posing trunks for the upcoming September/October shows please be aware that closing dates for orders will be around 6-8 weeks prior to your first show. It will be determined by the number of orders I am receiving and if what has come through already is any indication, I will be very busy. So please get your orders in fast.

I hope you will drop by regularly to visit, please feel free to leave any comments about subjects posted here. Your opinions and input are greatly appreciated and respected!

with kindest regards