Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome to the Real (chicken) World

Just 3 days ago we rescued 10 battery hens from imminent death. Every year the battery farms discard their egg produces after 18-20 months and sell them off for next to nothing to the producers of dog food or chicken nuggets. Knowing the state they are kept in we were very apprehesive about their condition and if they would survive even the trip home.

Survive they have - and then some!! These girls are finally getting a chance to see what being a chicken is all about. For the first time in their lives they have felt the warmth of the sun, scratched in dirt, walked on grass, eaten bugs, flapped their wings, been rained on and had more space to walk around in than they know what to do with.

Being Vegan we wont be eating any of their eggs but will be giving them to friends or selling them to clients if and when the production increases. Each night since we got them we have taken our picnic blanket and glasses of wine and sat in front of their cage and watched their antics. And some people say animals don't have personalities! They have obviously not watched a brood of chickens working out their pecking order.
I am already planning an extension to their coup - having resuced a few more than originally planned they are fighting for the best positions. The best part about our chicken coup is that it is relocateable and we can move it around our property. Unfortunately I doubt we will ever be able to let them roam completey free around the acreage as there are too many foxes and hawks around, but also 2 of our 3 dogs are just taking too much interst in them (well, at the moment that is).

On the work front, I have been updating the DIVA Consignments site as more girls are sending through their pre-loved suits. If you have anything that you no longer need or want for competitions why not consider getting it listed at DIVA CONSIGNMENTS . You have never been to Diva you can check out the site and see what other girls are listing.

I have been gradually updating most of the pages on the STYLE ON STAGE website too and these will be published very shortly. It is a mammoth task and as some of you know, working on your own website/s is time consuming.
I will post again soon, with news and updates from both sites and let you know how our new girls are going!
take care

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