Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm OK!!

For those in the Brissy area know only too well the storm we had yesterday.

What started as a gorgeous HOT sunny Sunday morning soon turned crazy. The storm hit us around 3pm which is about the same time my internet crashed. By 4pm we had no power. That in itself isnt a bad thing. I can cope with no power for a reasonable length of time, but when your partner is at work and you are alone in a dark house with nothing to do but read a book by torchlight and eat cold food for dinner, it isnt the most enjoyable evening.

Dont get me wrong, we needed the rain and I love hearing it on the roof and looking out the window across the valley behind us, knowing the land is getting some much needed water. But to have to waste an entire evening curled up on the couch, reading... well, what can I say!!

I am all for enforced R&R but when it is your ONLY option, well, it sucks big time. Luckily the power was back on by the time I got up this morning at 6am. I have managed to answer all the emails that came through from yesterday and also finish baking the 'lemon delicious' slice I got half way through yesterday afternoon. Mmmmm the house smells so yummy now!! Is 8.30am too early to taste test it?? NEVER!!

So what is on the SOS front (SOS = style on stage)

Orders and inquiries are coming in steadily every week for bikinis and comp prep. It is awesome to see so many girls getting in early. I think this year scared a few; the first time in the 7 years I have been doing this that I have had to turn girls away. And to answer your question, no, it is never too early to start your prep!!

I have done a huge update of the website and added a heap of new info. You can check what was updated HERE .

I have found a few new fabric suppliers and am (eagerly) awaiting the samples to arrive. There is nothing more I love than getting new stuff for the business. Fabrics, crystals, shoes, it's like having a great excuse to go shopping!

DIVA Consignments is coming along nicely - the website will be up and running asap and new stock is coming in steadily. So for those that don't know about it you can check the DIVA Blog and see what it is all about. More stock is needed though girls - so go check what you dont need anymore and consider selling it at DIVA Consignments!!

On another note, I get heaps of people wanting to know why I have gone vegan and of course - that age old question "so what do you eat?" ..... I am setting up a blog (yes, another one) but this one is more just for Allison and I to post things about how and why we decided to go vegan as well as some great links to restaurants and resources as well as some great recipes. I am hoping it will shed some light on a few things - like vegans arent all hippy extremist treehuggers that are out to ruin everyone's lives - lol -but regular everyday people that are interested in environmental and ethical issues. Once it is up and running (it is there, just havent posted anything yet) I will post the link and I hope you will drop by every so often to check things out. Trust me, it can be quite eye opening at times - and I promise not to post anything too 'graphic' .

Ok, time to say goodbye for now- lots to catch up on today.... and I had better have some brekky, the smell of that slice is killing me!


Anonymous said...

You can never know to much about other people's way of lives. I for one already know why but am interested to learn more Jo. I look forward to following you new blog.

As for your lemon slice your taste buds don't know what time it is. LOL!!

Lia xxx

Splice said...

Good to hear your okay, I was thinking about you yesterday. We were lucky and didn't cope the full brunt of the storm.

I'm looking forward to reading the new blog!

Deb xxx

Cheryl D said...

How did the goats go in the storm? I love the sound of rain and the sound of the lemon slice. Have a bit for me!

Jo Rogers said...

Hey Cheryl, the goats were just fine - they have this awesome stable that is so cozy, I stayed there we bit with them when I fed them. The rain on the stable tin roof was great, combined with the wooly smell of Anna - she is an angora goat and very wooly at the moment.

The Lemon Delicious Slice was all that - Delicious. I had a piece for all three of you - lol

And Lia, I managed to hold off until a more respectable 10.30...

And after seeing the news Splice, I think we got off pretty lightly compared to some of the Northern Brisbane suburbs. Thanks for thinking of us!

Anonymous said...

I can smell the slice from here Jo - or is it all gone?? hee hee

Keen to catch up when i'm in Brissy - if we cant catch up - i'm heading back there for NYE for two weeks :)

I LOVE your website too! It's looking FABULOUS!!!

I have a few shots i'll email to you to use for the website - the bikini look AMAZING as one would expect!

Chat soon xx

Jo Rogers said...

hey Ferny,

the slice is delish!! I have been in contact with the lady that owns Melinda's and complimented her on it (oh and the choc walnut mix too) and joked about being a taste tester for her new recipes and she asked for our address so she could send the new additions to her line - yippee!!!

Yes, catching up would be awesome. I just need to confirm what we are doing over that weekend as Allison's birthday is the 8th. So let me check with the boss and I will get back to you - if it doesnt work out then NYE hols sound good!! only a few weeks later.

thanks for the thumbs up on the site - it is certainly a labor of love and very time consuming. But I will get there eventually - along with the DIVA site, which I am actually working on right now.

Ok - time to go and have another piece of slice - lol - maybe warmed up with icecream for desert...... so glad I am not dieting!!

Tearose said...

Hi Jo,
Glad you ok, this rain has been crazy. I am loving your new site, and new suit designs!