Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh My, Dont I Feel Old!

This is my daughter Layla, she graduated High School on Friday! It just doesn't seem possible that 15 years has passed since we moved from Townsville to Brisbane. And to make matters worse she is celebrating 'Schoolies' this week (on the Sunshine Coast thank goodness - at least she has a brain - lol).

Her Gradutation was great. Not only did she receive the Cultural Award (for her drama/theatre work) but she also sang not one but 3 solos. Allison had to keep nudging me in the ribs telling me not to cry. I am the world's biggest cry baby and did well not to walk out of there with major panda bear eyes!

So what is my little MC (monster child of course) doing now? She is auditioning for one of the Drama/Theatre/Acting degrees at QUT. I am picking her up from Roma St Station this morning and then driving her into the QUT Kelvin Grove Campus. Having never been there myself I am a bit nervous about getting her there in time - but we have over an hour to find the place and I am just about to download their campus map off the internet - so here's wishing her luck!!


ss2306 said...

Awww isn't she a cutie. A chip off the old block. Best wishes today.

Splice said...

Best wishes and lots of luck from me :-)
Keep us posted.
Deb xox

Tearose said...

Shes so cute, and talented! We know where she gets that from ;) I hope you find everything ok :) You both must be very excited. Have a great week!